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What breeds do you consider "bullied breeds"?

We are focused on the dogs that need us the most – regardless of breed. But in general, we aim to rescue and adopt out pit bulls, rottweilers, shepherds, boxers, bulldogs, bull terriers, mastiffs, dobermans and others who are typically discriminated against.

Why are these breeds restricted from so many towns, cities, home owner insurance policies and complexes?

These breeds are often victims of sensational headlines in the media and one negative story can be shamefully capitalized on, creating irrational fear in many citizens minds. Many of these breeds, especially pit bull type dogs, are continually bullied and portrayed with stereotypical “aggressive” images which affect the reputation of the entire breed.  This set the stage for breed specific laws (BSL), which cropped up in select places across the US and world.

Where can I find facts about dog breeds and bite statistics?

We like National Canine Research Council, which is a non-profit canine behavior science and policy think tank.

Can I surrender my dog to you?

If you have no other option but to surrender your dog, we recommend working with a local shelter or an organization who is knowledgeable and experienced with your specific breed of dog. If you are interested in surrendering your dog to us, please contact us for further discussion. A surrender donation is suggested.

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